Horsepower on the Savanna

On the Hoodia Ranch, there are modern hunting vehicles, ccoaches and saddle horses available.


Guns and ammunition

  • 243 calibre for predatory animals
  • 7x64 calibre for smaller antelope
  • 338 calibre Winchester Magnum · 8x68 · 9.3x64, etc.  
  • 60 rounds are duty -free
  • You can get an import permit for your own weapons at the weapons desk at Windhoek Airport
  • Revolvers and pistols are not allowed



The most suitable clothing is light safari wear, ankle high footwear, pullovers, a wind jacket, long trousers for cool evenings and a hat.

The winter (from May to August) can be downright cold in Namibia. Whereas temperatures of up to 20 degrees are reached during the day, the barometer falls to 0 degrees at night.  The air is dry.
In summer (October to April), the nights are mild and temperatures can rise to 35 degrees during the day.  It doesn't rain much, but strong winds are to be anticipated.

You have no need to fear snakes or scorpions. 



You must bring sun protection products and important medicines with you. The closest chemist?s shop or pharmacy is 100 km away. In addition, we recommend that you have return travel, accident and health insurance.