When you go on a trophy hunt, you will be accompanied by qualified professional hunters who will guide you reliably and take professional and ethical hunting practices into account.

For a hunting expedition, we recommend that groups consist of from one to four hunters. Under the law, up to two hunters per professional hunter are permitted. A guide can participate n the tour by car.

Modern hunting vehicles, coaches and saddle horses are available to you for an unforgettable hunting experience. 

Types of wild life: Sable antelope, nyala, baboon, jackal,  lechwe, black wildebest, blesbok, duiker, eland, gemsbok, hartebeest, impala, kudu, springbok, steinbok, warthog, black wilde beest, blue wildebeest, Hartmann's zebra, plains zebra, common waterbuck and lechwe.

Trophies can be prepared in Namibia or in Germany.